Grace Presbyterian Church

A Congregation of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Canada


In accord with presbyterian church government, our church is led by a plurality of elders and deacons, under Christ the only head of the church.

Rev. Jeff Kingswood (Pastor), Rev. Brian Murray (Associate Pastor), Rev. Robert Widdowson (Associate Pastor), Rev. Tim Collins (Associate Pastor)
Bill McKay, Wil Mijnders, John Rood, Ken Turner, Neal Mynders

John Bloemert, Willem Spelt, Dan Scheele, Adrian Lobbezoo, Jakob Vanderweerd

Lord's Day Worship
Sundays @ 10am and 6pm.
Nursery services provided.

Please join us for refreshments
after the morning service

Prayer Meeting
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
Followed by a brief Psalm sing

Gillespie Academy
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary