Grace Presbyterian Church

A Congregation of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Canada


Check in here for a list of current items for prayer.

  1. Pray for the Rev. Rudy deVries and his work with Redemption Prision Ministries. Pray for continued access to various institutions and for preaching opportunities in the prisons in the Kingston area.
  2. Pray for Gillespie Academy as this year quickly draws to a close and registrations are coming in for September. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless and use this ministry to challenge and equip young people for living the Christian life in our rapidly changing culture.
  3. Pray for Keith and Rhoda Ackerman as Keith recovers from back surgery. Pray for the Christian Hospital Sahiwal in Keith's absence.
  4. Pray that we might be ready to speak to family, friends, and neighbours about the gospel we profess and what it means to be savingly united to Jesus Christ.

"We are only safe when we wisely make use of all good advantages that we have access to. By going out of God's ways we go out of His government, and so lose our good frame of mind, and find ourselves overspread quickly with a contrary disposition. When we draw near to Christ (James 4:8), in His ordinances, He draws near to us."  -Richard Sibbes

Lord's Day Worship
Sundays @ 10am and 6pm.
AM nursery and refreshments

Prayer Meeting
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
Followed by a brief Psalm sing

Gillespie Academy
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary